Addaction Sheffield


Sheffield, England

What the project does

Addaction DIP is commissioned and funded by the Public Health Department and was introduced in Sheffield in order to enable offenders to address their drug misuse via the criminal justice system. The programme facilitates treatment and provides a service for all adults either completing a statutory order or engaging on a voluntary basis. We offer:

  • Advice and information about drugs
  • Support at all points of the criminal justice system
  • Advice, preparation and access to treatment
  • One to one support with a key worker
  • Access to housing and education, training and employment support
  • Tailored care plan
  • Appointment reminders, calls and text messages
  • Our weekly timetable includes Mutual Aid Groups including Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous, Art Group, Momentum (a semi-structured support group) and ‘Tea & Toast’ (a relaxed Friday group with food and drink, newspapers and games).