Opportunity Nottingham

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Local authority boundaries of Nottingham City.

Project Organisations

  • Lead Partner: Framework
  • Nottingham City Council
  • Nottingham City NHS
  • Nottingham Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Nottinghamshire Probation Trust (DNLR CRC LTD)
  • Nottingham Women’s Centre
  • NCHA (local housing provider)
  • Nottingham City CCG
  • YMCA
  • Emmanuel House
  • Double Impact Drug and Alcohol service
  • Nottingham Crime and Drugs Partnership
  • SEA

What the project does

  • Multi-disciplinary meetings with partners: to improve understanding and joint working in relation to beneficiary support.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapist and a clinical psychologist: to offer assessment, treatment and access to treatment services.
  • Trauma-informed care and psychologically informed environments: training for staff and partners.
  • A peer-mentoring programme: enabling beneficiaries to participate in social activities and provide routine through regular meet-ups.
  • An expert citizen group: to ensure beneficiaries are fully involved in meaningful programme development, inclusion and consultation.
  • A practice development unit: for partners and frontline services in the city to access learning, training and best practice about multiple disadvantage.
  • A dedicated systems change lead worker: supported by a partnership systems change group who work to overcome system blockages and identify and share best practice that will lead to change.
  • A social worker: delivering joint work with the local authority adult social care team to increase access to support under the Care Act.
  • A lived experience team: to ensure that beneficiaries get access to a wide package of structured and meaningful activity.