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21 12, 2022

Goodbye, but not the end – our final blog

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A final blog on behalf of the Fulfilling Lives evaluation team from Rachel Moreton, Associate Director at CFE Research.

As I said at the final Fulfilling Lives conference earlier this year, when we first started working on the programme evaluation back in 2013, it was difficult to imagine what it would feel like to reach the end of this huge undertaking.

Well, we’ve finally reached that point. And what an experience it has been.

We always knew the context for the programme would change and influence outcomes. At the very start of the programme our then Managing Director illustrated in an early blog how things can change over nine years – the previous eight years (2005-2013) had seen the credit crunch and double-dip recession, the Arab […]

16 12, 2022

New publication out now – Evaluating Fulfilling Lives: Learning from a programme evaluation

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Today we publish our new report, Evaluating Fulfilling Lives: Learning from a programme evaluation, summarising key learning from conducting national and local evaluations of the Fulfilling Lives programme.

Fulfilling Lives was a hugely complex programme operating in, and aiming to influence, complex systems. The programme therefore required similarly complex and unique approaches to evaluation. We and the local evaluation teams learned much over the eight years Fulfilling Lives spanned. This report details where and how the evaluation succeeded and where we didn’t get it right, so that others may learn from both.

Guided by our own insight, and that of The National Lottery Community Fund and the funded partnerships, we have reflected on some of the key approaches and learning from evaluating a large, multi-site, complex […]

13 12, 2022

Learning published in academic journal special edition

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We are very excited to share that learning from the Fulfilling Lives evaluation locally and nationally has recently been published in a special issue of an academic journal.

Housing, Care and Support – a journal on policy, research and practice, published by Emerald Insight – is hosting a double-issue special edition based around Fulfilling Lives. Supporting people experiencing multiple disadvantage: evidence from the Fulfilling Lives programme is Volume 25, Issue 3-4 of the long-running journal and includes articles from the national evaluation as well as eight of the local partnerships. Jo Welford and Rachel Moreton from CFE, along with Kate Green from the National Lottery Community Fund and Beth Collinson, previous Learning Associate based at the University of Sheffield, were guest editors of the special […]

18 11, 2022

New publication: Programme achievements, evaluation findings, learning and resources

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Today we publish our new summative report, celebrating the achievements of the Fulfilling Lives programme and exploring key evaluation findings, learning and resources.

Drawing on a plethora of local and national evaluation reports, updated data analysis and advice from stakeholders across the programme, this report summarises what we have learned and what Fulfilling Lives has achieved. It is also a signpost to various resources offering insight to specific areas of the programme in greater depth.

As the Fulfilling Lives programme ends, it is important to capture what worked, what didn’t and why.

Fulfilling Lives has shown that it is possible to engage and support those with the most complex and entrenched needs. Partnerships demonstrated the benefits of a holistic and strengths-based approach to supporting people. Attitudes towards multiple […]

23 05, 2022

See the full picture – Conference agenda confirmed

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We are pleased to announce the confirmed agenda for the forthcoming final conference of the Fulfilling Lives programme. Entitled “Seeing the full picture” the conference on 16th June will celebrate the achievements of the past eight years and share learning from across programme partners. In addition to hearing from the evaluation team, we are pleased to welcome the following keynote speakers:

  • Dominic Williamson is a consultant working with charities and local authorities to improve policy, services and systems for people facing multiple disadvantage. He has over thirty years’ experience working to tackle homelessness, substance use, trauma and reoffending.
  • David Knott was appointed CEO of The National Lottery Community Fund in October 2021. David has had a varied public service career, most recently as Director […]
16 05, 2022

New publication – Coproduction: Principles into Practice

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Our latest publication, Coproduction: Principles into Practice, is released today. Drawing on experience of the Fulfilling Lives programme, the report provides practical guidance and learning on how on how to do coproduction well. It explores the ways in which partnerships have worked towards embedding coproduction in the daily practices of organisations in their local area, contributing towards systemic change.

For coproduction to be effective, participants must be offered equality of access and power imbalances be broken down. This involves frank discussions about the challenges and honest reflections on where improvements need to be made. People with lived experience of multiple disadvantage need to be given the time, space and resource to contribute. They need to be supported and recognised on a level playing field, as […]

31 03, 2022

New publication – Learning from the Crisis: Reflections on the pandemic

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Our latest publication, Learning from the Crisis: Reflections two years on from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, is released today. The report is a follow-up to our initial rapid assessment of the challenges and opportunities presented by the COVID-19 pandemic that was published in July 2020.

The COVID-19 crisis led to some major changes in the way services and support were provided to people experiencing multiple disadvantage. The immediate and ongoing response to the global crisis demonstrated that different ways of working could be put in place to ensure a quicker, more flexible response to the needs of this group.

The report draws on evidence and experiences from the Fulfilling Lives programme. It explores changes in different services supporting those experiencing multiple disadvantage and […]

4 02, 2022

New publication: ‘More than a roof’ – addressing homelessness with people experiencing multiple disadvantage

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Our latest publication, ‘More than a roof’ – addressing homelessness with people experiencing multiple disadvantage, is published today. Written in collaboration with the National Expert Citizens Group (NECG), the report explores the experiences of homelessness and rough sleeping of people affected by multiple forms of disadvantage. It looks at the reasons why many continue to experience homelessness and the types of support that they find most useful.

More than half of people supported by Fulfilling Lives are homeless when they join the programme. As both a cause and consequence of multiple disadvantage, addressing homelessness is a crucial element in tackling multiple disadvantage.

Overall, there has been a reduction in homelessness and rough sleeping among people receiving help from the programme. However, the change from homelessness […]

17 01, 2020

Improving access to mental health support for people experiencing multiple disadvantage – latest evaluation report

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Improving access to mental health support for people experiencing multiple disadvantage – latest evaluation report

Mental ill-health is both a cause and a consequence of multiple disadvantage. Getting help with mental health can be an essential part of the journey towards a fulfilling life. But for people affected by multiple disadvantage accessing appropriate mental health support can be challenging. Addressing this is a key strategic priority for the Fulfilling Lives programme.

The latest report from the national evaluation of Fulfilling Lives investigates the barriers to getting mental health support faced by people experiencing multiple disadvantage. The report examines the response of Fulfilling Lives partnerships and presents evidence and learning from five in-depth case studies. The Fulfilling […]

4 07, 2019

Multiple Disadvantage Day, Take One

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Chris Milner joined the Fulfilling Lives national evaluation team in February 2019. In his first blog he explores the role of art and emotion in recovery and raising awareness. 

The first Multiple Disadvantage Day took place on July 3rd 2019. The day marked an important stepping stone towards tackling the stigma associated with complex experiences of homelessness, offending, substance misuse and mental ill-health. These disadvantages are so often co-existing that it is essential that they are addressed together, and that we #seethefullpicture. By raising awareness of the reasons behind people’s circumstances, Multiple Disadvantage day aimed to encourage people to think before making a judgement.


14 06, 2019

Understanding multiple needs – second in our series of briefings out now

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Today we publish the second in our series of briefings on multiple needs, drawing on data collected by Fulfilling Lives partnerships on their beneficiaries.

People with multiple are diverse and should not be seen as a uniform group. It is important that those designing services for people with multiple needs recognise this and take steps to understand their potential service users in depth. This briefing helps unpack what is meant by ‘multiple needs’ and explores the characteristics of those affected.

Read the briefing online. To learn more about the methods and data used, view the accompanying method notes.

You can also view the first briefing here.

2 05, 2019

Why we need to invest in multiple needs – new briefing out now

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This is the first in a series of briefings on multiple needs, drawing on data collected by Fulfilling Lives partnerships on their beneficiaries. In this briefing we explore the substantial cost to the public purse created by misdirected and avoidable use of public services, as well as the human, social and economic costs.

The briefing also looks at how, after getting support from Fulfilling Lives for nearly a year, people have fewer negative interactions with public services, including fewer arrests, convictions, evictions and visits to A&E.

To note: this briefing was updated in March 2021. The updated briefing which uses more recent data and looks at outcomes over a longer period of time can be read here.


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