The COVID-19 pandemic and associated measures to control its transmission have created challenges and opportunities for partnerships. In particular, there are examples of changes and flexibilities on issues that partnerships have been seeking to influence for some time. It is important as we transition out of the lockdown to capture information and evidence on the changes made, their impact and to identify those that are beneficial.

In response to this, the national evaluation team will be undertaking a two-stage piece of evaluative work. This includes:

  • A short-term, rapid piece to inform immediate planning for transition out of lockdown, to capture changes Fulfilling Lives partnerships have helped implement, and which of these have been effective in the short term and should continue. This work will complement and build on the similar work has been undertaken in the MEAM approach areas.
  • A medium-term, more detailed and reflective piece to and gather more robust evidence on the impact of changes made during the lockdown, the extent to which changes have been maintained and the mechanisms by which change was achieved.

To date, the national evaluation team have engaged in discussions with the National Expert Citizen Group (NECG), Fulfilling Lives partnership leads and evaluation and learning staff about the changes and flexibilities to support and services for people experiencing multiple disadvantage. A report for this short-term piece of work will be available at the beginning of July.