The Big Lottery Fund [BigLF] wanted to use this investment to learn about what works for people with multiple and complex needs. They have therefore made large grants available over long periods of time. Their funds are limited and they cannot support every area of England. Some areas that have not been funded will also contain high numbers of people experiencing multiple and complex needs. This investment is intended to help those most in need, but their targeting also takes into account other factors.

They based their initial targeting decisions on a range of data from a number of different sources (such as statistics on homelessness and offending). They used a range of sources because data on people experiencing multiple and complex needs is not collected systematically across England.

To supplement this they spoke to local and national stakeholders and considered a range of geographical characteristics which will enable learning from a range of different approaches. Areas that are not being targeting under this investment will still be able to apply for other funding from the BLF for similar projects through their Reaching Communities strand.