On the service user record please provide the following: AREA, SUID, INCON, MNSTART (MNEND and DEST when applicable). Please complete the rest of the SU record with the appropriate code of 999 (not collected). We need this information so we know how many people are accessing the programme.

You do not have to complete any previous or ongoing service use, NDT or HOS data fields for a beneficiary that does not provide informed consent.

Hopefully informed consent can be achieved at a later date and data can then be back filled. We therefore recommend that all required data is collected by projects even if you are unable to share it with the national evaluation team. There might be some people for whom we never get informed consent but this is a fundamental part of the evaluation so we need to minimise cases such as that. When we have some more data to work with we’ll look at whether there are any big differences across projects and see if there is any potential learning to share around this topic.