Today we publish our new report, Evaluating Fulfilling Lives: Learning from a programme evaluation, summarising key learning from conducting national and local evaluations of the Fulfilling Lives programme.

Fulfilling Lives was a hugely complex programme operating in, and aiming to influence, complex systems. The programme therefore required similarly complex and unique approaches to evaluation. We and the local evaluation teams learned much over the eight years Fulfilling Lives spanned. This report details where and how the evaluation succeeded and where we didn’t get it right, so that others may learn from both.

Guided by our own insight, and that of The National Lottery Community Fund and the funded partnerships, we have reflected on some of the key approaches and learning from evaluating a large, multi-site, complex programme. The report is not comprehensive, nor should it necessarily be read cover to cover, but we see it as an invaluable resource for evaluators, commissioners and many more to dip into to discover more about specific elements of our approach.

Read the report in full here.