29 10, 2015

If a service user finishes do we leave out the HOS record row or add a missing data code?

By |2015-10-29T14:15:55+00:00October 29th, 2015|

In the quarter that a beneficiary leaves: if a HOS was not due that quarter please use 999; if a HOS was due but was unable to be completed please use 997. In subsequent returns, unless the service user has re-engaged, there is no need to include them on the HOS spreadsheet. This also applies to the NDT. You should also remove the record lines from the Service User Record and Previous Ongoing Service Use. The only data that needs to be updated on quarterly returns once a beneficiary has finished with a project is ‘ongoing service use’.

29 10, 2015

Do we need to report on discharged or disengaged clients on an ongoing basis?

By |2015-10-29T14:07:48+00:00October 29th, 2015|

We would like to collect service use data (for example, number of presentations at A&E) for as long as possible where informed consent remains in place. However, we appreciate this may be challenging. Whatever data projects can provide will be useful, but we recognise that it may be sparse. However, we do not expect projects to update the service user record, NDT assessment or Homelessness Outcome Star (HOS)

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