Our latest publication, Improving service transitions for people experiencing multiple disadvantage: Prison release, is published today. The experience of prison for people experiencing multiple disadvantage is often a reoccurring series of short sentences, which create huge disruption to their lives with limited benefit in terms of rehabilitation. Among people supported by the Fulfilling Lives programme, there is an association between spending time in prison and having poorer outcomes, including being less likely to leave the programme to a positive destination.

The report details examples of effective practice from Fulfilling Lives areas and insights into how the process of prison release for people experiencing multiple disadvantage could be improved. Key findings show that Fulfilling Lives support workers and navigators who engage with people while they are in prison are able to support and prepare them in advance of release. Meeting beneficiaries at the gate and offering support to them throughout the day of release is crucial, and peer support from someone with lived experience of prison is particularly welcomed. Other key ingredients of effective prison release support include small caseloads for staff and flexible working arrangements that allow them to build relationships. Effective sharing of information about prison leavers is necessary to ensure a smooth transition and that people are not expected to re-tell their story multiple times – something that can be retraumatising.

Based on the findings of this research and their experience of supporting people affected by multiple disadvantage, the Systems Change Action Network (a group of leaders from across the Fulfilling Lives partnerships) offer a series of recommendations for the national and local level. Read the full report here.

The current national #seethefullpicture campaign considers the challenging cycle of prison release experienced by people facing multiple disadvantage. Visit the Multiple Disadvantage Day website to learn more.

We will also share learning and insight from the report at our upcoming webinar on Thursday 10th June 2021. For more information and to register for the event, visit the booking link.