Our latest publication, Creating systems change: Evaluating the contribution of the Fulfilling Lives programme, is released today. The report outlines key systems changes in Fulfilling Lives areas over the eight-year programme, and explores the mechanisms that facilitated change.

Systems change has been at the heart of Fulfilling Lives. When the programme started, local systems were described as inefficient, fragmented and inconsistent. There has since been real change.

  • Services now have greater means for collaboration and cross-sector working has improved, with workforces better equipped to support those affected by multiple disadvantage.
  • Attitudes towards, and understanding of, multiple disadvantage have improved – it is now on the national political agenda, with evidence from Fulfilling Lives contributing towards the design and delivery of the Changing Futures programme.
  • Lived experience has become more commonplace amongst service design, delivery and commissioning. Whilst this is a change to the system in itself, lived experience now has an influence on the system too.

Read the report in full to learn more about how services and systems have changed across Fulfilling Lives areas in the last eight years.