Our latest publication, ‘More than a roof’ – addressing homelessness with people experiencing multiple disadvantage, is published today. Written in collaboration with the National Expert Citizens Group (NECG), the report explores the experiences of homelessness and rough sleeping of people affected by multiple forms of disadvantage. It looks at the reasons why many continue to experience homelessness and the types of support that they find most useful.

More than half of people supported by Fulfilling Lives are homeless when they join the programme. As both a cause and consequence of multiple disadvantage, addressing homelessness is a crucial element in tackling multiple disadvantage.

Overall, there has been a reduction in homelessness and rough sleeping among people receiving help from the programme. However, the change from homelessness to being housed is not always straightforward. In this report, people with lived experience highlight reasons why efforts to address homeless fail and help to identify solutions.

A successful transition out of homelessness depends on many factors. These include:

  • Having a decent standard of accommodation that is appropriate to individual needs
  • Ongoing support with the transition, which should be psychologically informed and person-centred
  • Practical help with tenancy management
  • Peer support to prevent isolation and boredom
  • Dedicated support and accommodation for women who are homeless

The report includes recommendations from the NECG to on how ensure appropriate accommodation, help people maintain their accommodation and support women out of homelessness.

To read the full report, follow this link.

We will also be sharing learning and insight from the report at our upcoming webinar on Tuesday 22nd February 2022. For more information and to register for the event, visit the booking link.